Lifes Lessons From God's Word in 3D Surround Audio

--- Alphonso Brown ---

This Podcast series uses creative storytelling and motivational teaching to illustrates life's lessons using GODS almighty word. The podcasts are designed to change lives and inspire and are recorded in 3D Virtual Reality Audio.

Brought to you by Alphonso Brown of Lifes Lessons From God's Word in 3D Surround Audio

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 5: Honor Thy Mother: Happy Birthday Mom: Unie Brown

    Written for my mother on the day of her birth, February 6th. This episode focuses on the blessing and joy that mothers provide to families. This podcast is a special tribute to my Mother on her birthday. This podcast examines the bibles teachings on the role and blessings of mothers ...


  2. Life Lesson 4: Love Family First

    Have you ever wanted to go out and save the world with acts of kindness and love? We’ve all wanted to do great things for others but often neglect to love those right in front of us, our family. This episode illustrates that we must learn to love our family ...


  3. Life Lesson 3: Faith What it Means and How Should We Use It.

    As a child of GOD have you ever wondered why GOD asks us to have Faith? Everything that GOD asks us to do is centered on demonstrating "Faith". What exactly is Faith and why does GOD ask us to use and embrace this concept. Wouldn't it be easier if GOD ...


  4. Life Lesson 2: Identify Your Purpose

    Have you ever wondered why are you here on earth. Do you struggle to find purpose and fulfill life's goals. This Podcast episode will help you to identify your life's purpose and pursue it with vigor. All teaching is backed by GOD's word and illustrated with real world advice and ...


  5. Life Lesson 1: You are GOD's Masterpiece and an amazing Miracle

    PLEASE LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES FOR THE BEST EFFECT: Have you ever wondered does your life matter. This motivational episode teaches that you are a one of a kind once in a lifetime Masterpiece and a walking miracle. Using the word of GOD and the science of reproductive biology prepare to ...